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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property, Yorkshire

Intellectual property rights exist in a broad range of forms, encompassing everything from copyright and trademarks to confidential information and trade secrets. Intellectual property can be extremely valuable – in many cases, it will be one of your business's core assets.

Intellectual property is a complex area of the law. Having a team of specialist, locally-based intellectual property solicitors can make a huge difference when it comes to growing and developing your business. At Pearsons & Ward, we have a wide range of experience acting on behalf of clients in sectors such as retail, media, technology, engineering and luxury goods. Speak to one of our lawyers for advice on how we can help and a no obligation quote.

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is the term used to describe something unique that has been created by your business. When people hear this term, they may immediately think of new products or designs that a firm has developed, however, many other aspects of your business can come within the scope of intellectual property; including the name of your brand, your logo, and even your reputation.

Our Commercial Team can advise you on:

  • Copyright and databases
  • Trademarks and designs
  • Advertising and marketing compliance
  • Personality and image rights
  • Domain names
  • Confidential information and trade secrets


For copyright to be enforced, an idea or creative activity must be recorded or documented in some way. Examples include written text, drawings, photographs, or software code. As soon as the work is created, copyright automatically arises – it does not need to be registered. Our specialist lawyers can advise on the appropriate steps to ensure that your copyright rights are protected and enforced.

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Our first-class intellectual property solicitors at Pearsons & Wardare on hand to help you protect, manage and exploit your intellectual property. We regularly act on behalf of companies throughout Yorkshire operating across many different commercial sectors. Our lawyers provide essential legal support in handling transactional, advisory and dispute cases.

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